5 Things I Learned When I Took My Yoga Practice Way Off the Mat

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6 Things Your Doctor Hasn't Told You About Weight Loss

Female doctor writing prescription.

Avoiding the What-the-Hell Health Effect

Man wearing sweater asleep with mince pies on chest
"It’s not the initial giving in that causes problems. It’s the feelings of shame, guilt, loss of control and loss of hope that follow.” (Getty Images)

How to Stay Healthy When You’re Out of a Job

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Volunteering or becoming more involved in the community can be good for your mental and emotional health. (Getty Images)

7 Unspoken Rules of Yoga Etiquette

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If you prefer to do your own thing and not follow an instructor's sequence, consider a solo practice over a class. (Getty Images)

8 Questions Answered About Exercise That You May Not Know

Exercise does not have to be vigorous to be heart-healthy. iStockPhoto

7 Things All Partners of Athletes Know

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You must be prepared for how all-consuming a marathon or other race may be for your partner. (Getty Images)